flork the international.

  • Friday, June 27, 2008
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atulaaastu. i have some flork the international. one of the funniest dhivehi comedies ever. but its not just me, every one live FTI.after i posted bakhabaru here on my blog people have been asking me continuously if i have cant publish FTI (like i have access to the video libraries of TVM!).Cmon it just came my way. i ripped the dvd, edited (cropped, joined,made em 3 files) and published it. so i just had to wait for FTI to come my way.

This time it was on youtube. midnightmaldives had these on her/his playlist. I just ripped em and joined the files to make each FTI episode a single video file. Its just that they are so special to me i want it among my videos and on my blog too.as one single file.maybe one day he/she might delete the youtube account (is that even possible?). who knows. then i will have my backups. anyway for whatever reason, i am going to post or lets say re-post all FTI videos here on my blog. then again these aint in good condition for various reasons. whatever.who cares. here they are.the next three posts on this blog will be 3 FTI episodes.wooohoo!!!

hope i will get more and more of these. all of em!thank you midnightmaldives.