on mvblogs censorship issue.

  • Sunday, February 01, 2009
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regarding the mvblogs censorship issue;

mvblogs should know that it represents the maldivian blogosphere. not maldivian hetero,islamic,politically correct or conservative blogosphere.it is just the blogosphere of maldivians.but there are certain things i want to point out:

1.mvblogs admins should decide what they consider to be a blog? what is eligible for being listed. there are certain news websites, some political party websites. for example, is the presidential website a blog? if i copy and paste pictures from google images, just anything i get. with no point in it. thousands and thousands of pictures. it that a blog? if i write boohaahaa. and publish it everyday. the same thing everyday. is that an eligible blog?blogs made for marketing reasons , are these eligible?these need to be discussed. so, then you can decide if gay/hetero porn is really blogging. pornography is free speech, i agree.. but is it blogging? that is for the admins to decide.

2.I also noticed that there are minors on the blogosphere who must not be exposed to adult content. most blogs do no ask to verify age. for example my blog sometimes have filth which should not be viewed by minors. but i think i cant stop writing because of that. personally i believe this is an issue parents should take care of.and the authourities should make sure they do. there is no way we can stop children like we did before.they will do it anyway...ok now im deviating...so.. the point is; as an official website which caters to people of different ages/belief systems, mvblogs should adress this issue. atleast for the kids. leave the belief systems; if they are offended, they can leave.they are offended by mere disbelief of others. no one can help that.

one way is to classify blogs in to categories, including porn or just generally adult content.and make sure users have to register or/and confirm age in order to view the website. so that; if a minor is visiting, the adult blogs will not be shown.

3. there are stuff other than porn which should not be viewed by minors. like blogs using extremely filthy language. i like these, they are fun to read. but children have to be protected from these. again it is for the admins to dicide. they can make this an adult only website and leave it for the parents to protect children from it. but i think children should not be kicked out.

4.censoring for any other reason, other than to protect kids is unacceptable. unless you decide that porn is not blogging. there should not be any discrimination between gay and straight porn if so. if you censor unislamic blogs to save your arses i wont blame you. you have a right to live. but i think it would be far more honourable not to continue it than to continue it with no freedom.remember...tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. i think you should not give in to such pressures. but it is up to you guys. its ur lives that are at stake.

besides, we can go on without mvblogs. with rss feed readers and follow funtion on blogger, we are connected even without mvblogs. i dont visit mvblogs.org as often as i did. therez just too much noise there. but i do visit ocassionally. and find new interesting blogs..wish you guys luck. hope you wont let us bloggers down. you cant make everyone happy.just do what you feel is right.maybe im missing somethings.im sleepy and bored.cant think any more. or write any longer.i wasnt planning on bloggin but had to post this one anyway. what every you do, thank you mvblogs.