shifting to mobile blogging...for one month!

  • Tuesday, January 03, 2006
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....I am leaving to Haa.Dhaal atoll .Hanimaadhoo Island today,on an official trip and i will be back after one month..that would be about..on february fourth.And thats a special day coz..datz when i started working ...on the year 2002..or maybe it was at the end of 2001 ..what ever..
:( there's no internet there.i am carrying with me a protable mp3 player..and my mobile phone..ill be posting pics on my flickr page keep and eye on it..and the 5 most recent photos will appear on my blog's right sidebar.
and ive tried to get the pics and posts on my blog..but dat didnt i wud write on my blog..using mobile bloggin technology (thanx to post the pics on my flickr page...
i have to use my mobile phone to do all these...a nokia these islands..there's no internet..and no way i can withdraw money from my bank deposit...(no ATM machines)..the nearest BML branch is at kulhudhuffusshi....but there also they dont have ATM...we have to use cheques....sooo gud..again..we are a (rich)nation suffering under a brutal dictator.

'im leaving!'

good bye everyone!..bye bye!

wil miss u ..specially u and u and u and u all.