Garnished with a Fly? Or What!?

  • Monday, March 27, 2006
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This is a page from the latest "Sales Magazine(SM)"- that's issue number 50 (march 2006).Its distributed free in the Maldives capital Island; Male'.

Shown here is an advertisement of 'Fizzes' restaurant...Lets have a clozer look?!!

there...its the Fly!
i dunno what this is all about...(can u guess??)
maybe its the result of a new marketing strategy,or its just an item used for garnishing(possibly made outta pepper -asey mirus?-or sumthin like dat),maybe its sum chinese or japanese food..who knows...?

If you really wanna know more about it, .... here are the numbers to call!:

Sales Magazine: (+960)9965482.

Fizzes : (+960)3337887.

..(pssst...sum one i know, called to fizzes and the reply was..that "this pic was taken 6 months ago and now its a whole new management!".....)

if u get any answers about the secret of this...plz let me know.... puleeeez! :)