'Dictator' Nasir and 'Reformist' Zaeem.

  • Saturday, February 16, 2008
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We all know that Gayom really really hates Ibrahim Nasir. More than anything, it is the personal hatred because he was jailed and banished by Nasir. He later spread many stories of how much he was tortured - the truth of which i am not certain of. But until Nasir left the country to live in exile; Gayom was speaking very nice of him. In his first speech as president, Gayom praised Nasir as a hero, a great leader who did so much good to our country.

But after he left the country, things started to change. Allegedly there was an attempted coup (to get back his power) after which demonstrations and horrible anti-Nasir songs were recorded and distributed. Some songs were even played on national radio; people say. There were cartoons of Ibrahim Nasir on the roads, on news papers. These songs and cartoons were used in the demonstrations.

Gayom revoked Nasir's 'Kilege' title and a stone in the Male' international airport -which stated that airport was officially opened by Ibrahim Nasir- was thrown in to the sea, and was later replaced with something about Gayom reopening the airport. The prison where Gayom was allegedly tortured was destroyed and made in to the Biggest mosque in country and the center for brainwashing the people with the new version of Islam Gayom brought from Egypt. The hero of Maldives' independence was pushed aside and on independence days we hear only the semi- mythical holy jihad tales from olden days . Gayom often make sure he does not to even mention Nasir's name in his speeches.

No matter how jealous Gayom is with Nasir, or how much he hates him; history will have lot more good things to say about Nasir than about Gayom. Not that he did not do anything bad, but he is actually the father of modernization and development in Maldives, he laid the foundations of almost everything gayom failed to develop. Maybe that is why Zaeem hate him. Because he did everything Zaeem could have done (and take exaggerated credit along with titles and awards) if it wasn't already done.

Now we are seeing the same kind of thing against Gayyoom. But still (being civilized maybe?) i think we are unable to top Gayyoom and his reformists in that. DO lava party is nothing compared to the auguraana, death threats..etc in those songs. Koto is nothing when compared to those cartoons. Demonstrations of that caliber have never been held against Gayom. But it is said that 'history repeats itself'. Lets just hope it stops repeating from the point a new government is formed.Coz we don't want another golhaa.

and now... ; handhaanaai thaareehuge therein:



....and Songs.

Download the songs:

Naifaru Dhohokko:
  1. haraamee bandu
  2. hithuge rahumeh
  3. thanah foolhu
  4. thelhey hithaameyaa
  5. velaanaagey karukuru

Holhudhulloa (aka gaumee guraa):
  1. aniyaage baaraa
  2. aniyaverizaalim
  3. athaafaige baaru
  4. baaqeenge therey shaamil
  5. dhannaashey
  6. dhashuleethaa

Haaburi (the master of auguraana songs):
  1. aadhe bohkalhu dheulhi
  2. anan thoey foareegaa
  3. baagee choaru
  4. baageeney nubai
  5. baageeveriyaa gennanvaane'
  6. baaraa makaru
  7. baathilvee dhey aniyaa
  8. dheefaey aniyaa
  9. dhivehidhidha vattan ulheny
  10. dhivehinge thi firuauney
  11. dhogu hadhanee
  12. dolarah dhahivethi
  13. dolaru madheehey
  14. eyrun kaaku fai modedheynee
  15. hannaanaa naasiraa
  16. polio and bulhiboa

[Note: Thanks to MaldivianDigital.com and the members who shared the songs, pics taken from DhivehiObserver.com ]