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  • Thursday, February 14, 2008
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There are many ways of displaying thaana on web (or elsewhere). Typing in Accent, using reverse fonts on Adobe Pagemaker, and using a little application called a 'recorder' are some ways. Of these the last one can be used to blog in dhivehi, but i really hate it. It is kinda what is used on websites like the maldivian and gives a lot of trouble. Anyway, most of us would agree that Unicode thaana font is the modern and best way of doing it.If you are not clear, i'm talking about what is sometimes called the xp fonts.Websites like jazeera daily use this type.

To blog like this you should have thaana typing enabled on your computer. Here is how you could do it in windows xp. This will usually require the windows xp CD.

Now lets assume that you can type in thaana , but all that is in a horrible font called 'Mv Boli'. If you want you can get rid of this and have cool new font. After you do that, you will see all webpages in that new font you chose.You wont have to install any font now , to view websites using unicode fonts.

But still there is another problem; would every one get rid of boli font? nop. Not every one will know how to do that, and even if they does some people just wont bother. So that means YOU will have to make sure , what you write in your blog (in thaana) is readable for others as well. Like this blog . To view this blog you will have to install 'faruma' font ( the font he uses on that blog).then you will see it clearly even without getting rid of boli font. This is what we will learn now. How to do this.

This guy do it in a very easy way. He type what he want on Microsoft Word in faruma font. Now he just select all, copy and paste the stuff on his blogger. and its perfect.So this is very should also try this first.

I have never tried that, though i have seen him do it.Because I type my posts on blogger itself.I dont type elsewhere and copy lets look into my method:

Open a new post on blogger, go to the "Edit Html" tab on the right top corner. and then put this code there.

Faruma is the font I am using here, however you can change the font name as you desire.

You can now go to 'Compose' tab on top right corner, align the text to right hand side and then adjust the font size as you want it.Now you are ready to start blogging in thaana. just keep on typing and when you are done publish it.

But remember; before you publish the post write a title in ENGLISH. because if the title is in dhivehi, blogger will automatically assign 'blog post' as the title of that post. which means trouble. however i think you can publish it first in english and then again go back and edit/republish it with a thaana heading.what ever the case is, the thaana heading WONT be displayed in the font you use (in this case faruma), but it will be in the viewers default font (usually mv boli).

If you intend to blog in thaana frequently, it would be helpful for the readers if you place a font download link in your side bar.

I'm sure there are other ways of doing this, maybe much easier ways.but until our geeky bloggers come up with something brilliant, hope this will help.