the justice system is abusing children.

  • Friday, February 01, 2008
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4 pedophiles (who gang raped a 12 year old after breaking in to her house breakin the window with an axe have been sentenced to 2 years banishment and 15 lashes. and our human rights (or is it prisoners' rights) commision actually congratulated this . well... there was an improvement if you can call that; before this high court sentence (after an appeal) was even worse. then it was 8 months banishment only, for just 'consensual sexual intercourse'!!!.... but congratulate?!! can we congratulate the rapists for just raping her and not murdering her afterwards?

and a lady who burned her 10 year old brother with a heated iron was sentenced to 6 months banishment.

These sentences are childabuse.

I believe that revealing the identity along with pictures of these rapists to the public is an important matter, and must be done so in the interest of the public. because we at least have a right to know rapists who are let loose, so that we may protect our children from them. And this is a responsibility of home ministry. but instead they even freaking helped them cover their faces from journalists, when taken in and out of justice building. but why is it? police often publicize pictures of people even before they have been sentenced, take for example the case of the sultan park terror attack and the recent vodka bust. how are these child molesters special?

its seems our ministries and government offices work on public outrage we should pressure them and they would act.but no one seems to be doing this. has there ever been a protest against/for any such thing. its always the freaking golha they are after. have any confidential document or picture of such a person been exposed on DO? leaked?....not even our superstar actors and actresses at 'the majlis show' care about this. they are busy with aa gaanoonu baa gaanoonu debate.

and if this picture (taken from DO) is unedited and authentic... they are really giving the 'faathin finger' to all of us. sayin:" fuckers! i get more kids to fuck you!"

btw, i wouldn't dare to say this is a problem in our justice system because we stick to the textual interpretation of islamic texts and the fundamentalist view of islamic shariah...or the problem is in shariah itself. becase Dr.Afrasheem the islamic scholar who said music is permitted in islam is in trouble now...hail dhivehistan! hail vahudhathu!