Teri maa ki.

  • Saturday, February 02, 2008
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India's tour to Australia will go on after Harbhajan Singh was cleared of racially abusing Andrew Symonds at an appeal hearing in Adelaide yesterday. Harbhajan pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of using abusive language and was fined half his match fee [read more]

In this controversy about an Indian cricket player using racially abusive language to the Australian guy in a match, Symonds said that Harbajan was calling him a Monkey, or yelling "Big Monkey" which he found to be a racist comment. however later it was known that Harbajan was acually saying "Teri maa ki" (which as we all know means.. your mother's...).but... Maakee, Monkey.. sounds similar. so, that is how the Australians heard it. hehehe..

I think that's not even abusive.If he would have completed it Teri maa ki choot or something, yes it could have been abuse. but just "your mother's" is not abusive i guess.. maybe your mother's beautiful face... who knows. and even if it was abusive, the aussie guy was not pissed off because of that...it was his own misheard version that angered him. He did not even understand that 'abuse', so how can that be abusive.

anyway...after an appeal the racial abuse charge was downgraded to that of using offensive language of a seriously insulting nature. The lesser charge carried only a financial penalty and the three-match ban was lifted.

btw, can calling someone a monkey be considered as "racist"? i think it is specist. it is a shame for the monkeys... i dont think they would like that.