Maldives' Ministry of Islamic Affairs' comments on 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

  • Thursday, March 18, 2010
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Are there any Muslims in Haiti? Do we have to gain wisdom from this [disaster]?

Haiti is a caribbean island nation, located not far from America. A certain number of Muslims live there. It is reported that they are not good people. There is no doubt about this; such earth quakes are moral lessons for everyone. Such [disasters]are caused by God because of the actions of mankind.

Estimated no.of people identified as; Dead: 230,000. Injured: 300,000, Homeless: 1,000,000

And this is what Maldives' Ministry of Islamic Affairs (MoIA) lead by the 'moderate' sheikh shaheem (trimmed beard, shirt tucked in...verily he must be a moderate) haz to say about it.