10 reasons why the world cup is haraam.

  • Monday, June 21, 2010
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The maldivian haabees have dissapointed me. really. :(

smoking is haraam, movies are haraam. music is haraam,secularism and democracy is haraam.tom and jerry and mickey mouse are haraam. travelling without a mahram,showing hair and using perfume are all haraam for women.and the list goes on.

They protest over changes in alchohol regulations, when a muslim converts, about the new curriculum,about diplomatic relations with israel, about something written on the internet..etc. They make facebook groups against their critics, against cocacola, issued death threats against secularists and that one guy who converted from islam for a few hours...etc.


But they fail to issue any verdict against the worldcup. they did not protest against it, or even make a goddamned facebook group against it. instead they converted their haabee screens of doom (HSDs) in to worldcup screens, bought TVs for their homes/shops, and started enjoying the matches. you heard it. they are ENJOYING a worldly sport. what the frack is this? something is really wrong here.

im not gonna just sit around when the only passionate and devoted buncha people (you so-called liberals are wussies!) in my country screw up over some lame game. (apologies, football fans. no disrespect. but i dont like football).... so i decided to set aside our differences and help them out. i decided to do it for them and get everything back to normal.for this reason today...today im gonna frigging give a fatwah. oh yeah. brother moyameehaa is gonna give you one really kickass fatwa today. now listen! read!

[taliban militants demonstrating the proper use of a soccer field.]

the world cup is haraam for many reasons. but since 10 is an important and serious number; id give you ten reasons. they are:
  1. men displaying their awrah (hedhun laigen oriyaamun, as our beloved mullahs would/should put it). behaving in ways which can provoke sexual desires of women and gay men. immodesty.

  2. supporting kafir nations like the evil america and portugese!?! this is unacceptable. imitating the kuffaar is common during worldcups. wearing their jerseys, flags and copying their hairstyles. then there are the vuvuzelas. obviously it is not really a 'musical' instrument, but it is part of south african kafir culture and made in kafir communist china!

  3. people watching football even when it is prayer time. just like music is haraam for being an 'idle waste of time'. a friend told me there were only two rows in their neighbourgood mosque when the game was on. i told him even those few people could problyy be the hardcore supporters of some team praying for victory.

  4. too much female skin. there are the football fan chicks and cheerleading gals - flashing once in a while. yeah, this is the only time you get to see a naked boob on maldivian national television. and therez the waka waka song. it is straight from hell. what moves. what the shakira! masha allah! i mean, naoozbillah.

  5. people waste a lot of money buying TVs,sound systems (to 'listen' to worldcup yeah), setting up screens, decorating rooms,buying airtel dish (which is also haraam for showing christian channels),buying a lot of food,buying calendars, books,stickers...etc. such waste of money are always haraam.

  6. media and some local companies have started betting on these games in the name of sms lucky draw quiz. more haraam activities.

  7. people stay late to watch football. its a cause for being late for work, and sometimes causes you to miss dhamunamaadhu and fajr prayer. and staying up late for such an evil activity and missing prayers because of that is totally unacceptable. it is leading you astray. haraam again.

  8. mixing of men and women at the football stadium and places (public screens and even rooms) where people watch the matches. we can hear women laughing and screaming too.calling out names of football players. astaghfirullah.

  9. the world cup is sponsored by greedy kafir capitalist corporations who probably have connections with the freemasons and all. you are helping them. boycott worldcup and boycott cocacola too.

  10. it does not follow the saudi fatwa on rules for halal football.
being a mere mortal this is the best i could do. i sincerely hope that Adhaalath Party would forgive any mistakes i might have made here. Adhaalath Party knows best.