The Face of Dr. Claw Revealed! (but still 'The Maldivian' remians anonymous)

  • Friday, October 21, 2005
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Recognise this iron fist???. He's Dr. Claw, the evil mastermind behind the "MAD terrorist organization", & arch nemesis of the great Inspector Gadget. For years, we've watched Dr. Claw hatch his brilliant schemes from the comfort of his luxurious throne, his faithful feline, MAD Cat, always by his side. But never, not once, did we see the man behind the chair. Other than his lackeys, who saw him via some kind of elaborate video wristwatch network, the mysterious doctor never revealed his face....but now..things have changed (actually this dicovery was originally made in 2003) u can see the Evil face...and i know what u r thinking of now...thats the day we all are waiting for ...the day we can see the face of all those women in Tom and Jerry cartoons...but as for now..lets see the face of Dr. Claw!!! (right here) the way...remeber that post i had about "The Maldivian" website...I did e-mail it to their comments adress but it didnt appear on their comments I am sure that, what I have written about them are all (or some extent) corect.Every thing they post there (including anti-sunnah sect's websites) are things they publish there on-purpose... with intention!They can remove them if they want (like they removed my post)!!!