Aqeeqah Rituals.

  • Tuesday, December 13, 2005
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Yesterday,I captured a hen being sacrificed (with my handphone's video camera)
..( its the ritual of naming a new born baby on the seventh day ..or 'aqiqa' the early days of islam a goat or something like that is sacrificed....but the Maldivians who cannot afford or cannot find a goat in time ...always makes a sacrifice like this)...traditionaly this is a very big feast where people (relatives, friends,neighbours,poor people and others) are to be invited..but these days in Maldives (specially in Male') we just perform the rituals and send the food in parcels (in Maldives its usually bondibaiy and kukulhumas-chicken.)packages
to the people.(if u r in male' just call +9607773240 to 'faseyha point' shakir to make arrangements for goats,bondibaiy packages with free delivery and all aqiqa stuff) This is very helpful coz every one is bz these days..but i think we cud still hold on to the traditional ways and sen parcels to people who cant come...

Anyway here'z the video footage of the hen bein sacrificed.! click on video image to view it online...

...if you want to save it...right click here and do it!(and play it with quicktime player)