Introducing...'rubber ducky'

  • Saturday, December 24, 2005
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Ladies and Gentlemen...Introducing..'rubber ducky' she is ..chatting a friend.

And here she is ..browsing the web.

She likes to play guitar very much....

Rubber ducky have a very calm personality.She lives her life without undue worry; taking life easy.She likes singing and music..maybe this might have something to do with her. normal life..lying around the bathrooms!Her ancestors have often spent their whole lives in Bathing tubs.But lucky little rubber ducky...she lives in a free world where she can play guitar..browse the web and can see her picture on msn messenger Dp's very time you meet the rubber ducky dont forget to ask her to sing a song for you.please check out soon..coz im gonna introduce u.... 'Lego Jhon Plastic'..said to be a very close relative of the famous 'long jhon silve'r..just wait and see.Im to busy..but insha'Allah ..i will soon post some more about symbolism in Maldives and other interesting stuff like songs from the rubber ducky...