ramadan moonsighting controversy in Mysore.

  • Sunday, September 24, 2006
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This post is regarding a controversy on 'which day to start ramadan' among some Maldivians in India (Mysore).

here is the link to a related news article on islamonline.

Here are some moonsighting websites/articles :1,2 ,3.

Here is a detailed chart on the date of starting ramadan.

For whom the first day of Ramadan is Saturday(23th september):
SaudiArabia,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,United Arab Emirates,Libya,Sudan,Palestine,
Yemen,Nigeria and Afghanistan,Britain,Denmark,Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia and Russia.

For whom the first day of Ramadan is Sunday(24th september):
Lebanon(sunnis),Iraq,Egypt,Algeria,Jordan,Oman,Syria,Tunisia,Singapore,Albania,Kosovo,Romania,Macedonia,Trinidad,Tobago,Turkey,Netherlands,Belgium,France, Germany ,Macedonia,Albania,Ukraine,Maldives,SriLanka and Malaysia.

And i think there are some who start ramadan on monday(25th)..surely it will start on monday in many parts of India.(I heard that, all india will follow this except kerala...).Sure; its Monday for Mysore.The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid says so(here)...and other scholars in India (here).And also in Pakistan (here and here).

So why should some one in Mysore fast on Sunday(24th)?

There is a difference of opinion among the scholars regarding the moon sighting for ramadan.There are 3 opinions among scholars regarding this issue:

1. Astronomical Calculations:Determining the beginning and the end of a new month through astronomical calculations.We must follow our location [some guy here have something to say about it..he says that a Muslim living in Japan will not follow the sunrise of Saudi Arabia in praying...same should be in ramadan moonsighting]

2. Universal Moonsighting:The second opinion is that wherever the moon is sighted in the world, whether it be for the beginning or the end of the month, all Muslims are obligated to accept that moonsighting for the beginning (or end) of the new month.

3. Following Saudi Arabia:The third opinion is that we should follow Saudi Arabia.

[here are the details and shariah evidence regarding these 3 opinions]

And there is a third opinion followed only in Maldives...It says that everyone in Maldives must not rely on moon sighting for finding the 1st day of ramadan..in this case the moon does not decide when ramadan will begin..but the 'MAU-moon' will decide.

SO,when these Maldivians in Mysore starts on Sunday(24th)...ejehuneekonthaaku??It does not fit into any opinion here.If they follow second and third opinion...they must start fasting on saturday...If first...they must rely on these calculations..and follow what the scholars in Mysore say (that is they must fast on Monday-25th).And if they follow the fourth one ...they must be in Maldives (even if they are in Maldives..this fourth opinion is not acceptable..it have no legal evidence in Islam)...these students have erroneously followed a new opinion...that is a patriotic opinion..they have followed thier country in this..but patriotism of this kind... is it islamic?I think they have done wrong.and this is why i say so!