to all those who were tortured by the gayom

  • Thursday, September 21, 2006
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Since i was a child,i always hear of NSS's (national security services-now Maldives National Defence Force) brutality.About how they torture people in the prison.About a man named back bone faaiz who is happy to break the back bone of any one whom he will among the prisoners.
Aishath Sudha (a neighbour of mine-so;i heard the story without the free-press a that time, also) died at the very young age of 17 on 26 August 1994 in Gaamaadhoo jail. She was serving a 12 years and 6 months sentence for using and possessing drugs . She was allegedly gang-raped (by gayom's NSS militia) and left to die by the prison guards. Gayoom formed a Committee to investigate her death,but to this date its findings have been unknown. Sudha was not the only young person whose death in jail was silenced and who was tortured there are countless people around the country (like my friend mahir).
I have heard of it so much.people so close to me have suffered this brutality..even NSS staffs are said to be murdered the Militia under commands from higher leader...i have had enough of this gayom thing..and his prisons (no better than Abu Ghraib and he is no better than pol pot,Hitler or torturing their own citizens).There are special 'cells' (ya prison cells..i would call em) for punishing young children..this place is called Islaahiyyaa (literary
-in arabic- meaning a rehabilitation centre )..i will be posting detailed stuff about it later...but as for the jails and torture ( heres the amnesty report) i want to blog something about it.....

here's a song from the prison.I learned this one from a relative...who was imprisoned by the NSS militia for an 'investigation'.He was tortured there, till he confessed to what ever they have accused him of.He had to stay in house arrest after he was forced to sign the report...during these day (while having some dhivehi beys treatments-traditional maldivian medicine- for injuries)...he sang this song.i did the recording (but unfortunately ive lost the tape-shit!!).He saw this song written on some paper (i think it was a dheenuge magu -a government sponsored religous propaganda leaflet-) at a dhoonidhoo prison was written with rust from the railings.The poet is is the song...


Today they are commemorating the events of 19 september 2003.The death of evan (ya he was no good ...but, does that mean the gayom devil have have to eat him for breakfast?).....links here, here and here .

as for the past...see this ....and here are some pics....and here's some paintings.

The artist is naushad waheed; who was also trotured in these prisons (and see what he had to say.. )

and is another good one..and here...the leader if all these torturers...what shall we do with him??

and gayom!u F.A.H...unblock these websites (Maldives culture is still blocked by the gayom) now!!!!Stop internet censorship for political reasons!
and until this thing comes down...use
proxy web pages to gain access to these pages.....