another reason for using firefox.

  • Monday, October 02, 2006
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You can download embedded videos ...great?!...but you have to be using firefox...if you have fire fox go on reading...if you dont have...GET FIREFOX now!

How-To: Download embedded videos

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Please note that the following will only work for
Firefox users. Have you ever found yourself watching an embedded video within a website? More importantly, have you ever found yourself wondering how to download that same video to keep locally for later viewing? Follow these easy steps and you’ll have the ability to download embedded movie files from your ‘favorite’ websites (poon).

  • First, install the GreaseMonkey Firefox extension from here.This extension allows users to “customize” websites they visit on the fly with special scripts. After installing, restart your Firefox browser. After the restart, go up to Tools in the menu bar. You should now have the following menu options: “Install user script”, “Manage user scripts”, and “User script command”.

  • Next, we have to install the GreaseMonkey user scripts. You can find a growing list of scripts here. To download embedded movies, you’ll want to install the Unembed script. Click on the Unembed link. Doing so will open a page with what appears to be plain text (the actual script code). Go to Tools > Install user script. A “Install user script” window will pop up. Click OK to install.

  • Finally,navigate to a website with an embedded video file. After installing theGreaseMonkey Unembed script, you should now see a [download] link at
    the bottom of the movie file allowing you to save the file locally on your own computer.