VOM and the chakafengandu banner.

  • Sunday, October 01, 2006
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This is a picture of Voice of Maldives-VOM(maafannu building...near western harbour of Male').This picture of VOM(the maldivian national radio-and the one and only radio in maldives)..is something which i took from their original website...infact..it was taken from that flash banner on the vom website.
This somewhat crazy banner seems to be a work of a kid (maybe from the 3rd grade)....and this picture of VOM with that puddle of muddy water (
chakafengandu) infront..is simply ridiculous!!!
Thank God that it wasnt a picture of a water closet inside the building....other than this pic....there were several other strange pictures appearing on that flash banner...you see the banner on this page...and you can see a screenshot of that 'chakafengandu banner' from here.