• Saturday, November 25, 2006
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ive' read it sometime back...and still i cant stop talking about it....1984 is a grrreat novel!...but not just a novel...its an allegorical political novel written by George Orwell (the author animal farm).its about a dictator and his brutal ways of ruling over a nation.and one man's struggle for freedom.

mmhmm..an Orwellian society? Maldives cannot be considered as such a state or society yet?.buti think it was very close to it once, until one day things changed...but still the gayomic society resembles it (the orwellian society)...there cant be such an extreme society or dictator as in the book...but Gayom was very close to it.

"I do not believe that the kind of society I describe WILL arrive,
but I believe that something resembling it COULD arrive..."

- George Orwell-

I'll try to compare gayom's system with that in the book (sometime later...but there is no need to do so,..once you read the book and if you know about maldives and the gayomic system...you will automatically compare them in your mind).So till then,please read it.i believe that every Maldivian should read this book....buy it at some book shop (i saw it from asters bookshop,or you can try ahsrafee-they will bring it for you if you request...that is if you are in Male').or you can even get it online...

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