sermon of the demented?

  • Monday, November 20, 2006
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One of the hot topics these days seems to be Gayom's dementia. it first appeared in the famous DhivehiObserver here. and after that maldives culture's Michael O'Shea had said something similar here.and now one my fellow bloggers is not happy with that news.I wont go for a conclusion in this matter,but we must know that DO...the sometimes biased website do have links to gayom's personal and close people...and this news have a very high probability of being true.and i have found one thing that made me think about it...made me question...cant this be an effect of the illness?What have i found?

well...its just that; the other Friday, Gayom was giving the Friday sermon.....and he was actually reading it from a paper.unlike what he always does.he have been trying to prove that he himself is the highest in Islamic (and all language.) knowledges by being the only person who is able (the correct word is actually 'allowed') to give sermons without looking at any written text.Laymen have often praised this old man, who is said to be praised by the scholars all over the world for his great knowledge in Islam.but even the PhD's are forbidden from reading anything other than those old sermons stamped by the Highest Council of Islamic Affairs under the direct guidance of Gayom (mostly modified for propaganda purposes). Truthcares wrote here that there are lessons in these sermons...Yes there are some...but it is all propaganda...and i had to say this:

cant agree…these sermons are out-of-date….Firstly; sermons are to be understood by the people and accepted by the people…then why the example of “miskithah kulhu jahaa meehaa?”.

its about "miskihah kulhujahaa meehaa miskithun kunaleh vagah nagaakah faheh nujeheyne eve" (some one who spits into the mosque would not dare to steal a small carpet from the mosque) there is no possibility of any one doing any of one will spit in the mosque these small carpets to steal...hehehhe.

Sermons are said to be holy and islamic…then why only one or two quotation from Quran and all the rest repeating the same thing in different wordings?and the damn complicated Arabic words used in these sermons makes it impossible for many of the people to understand what exactly he is saying,Sermons are supposed to be given by religious scholars…but why one guy only can read it without looking at a written one (even the Phd's of Islam cant do that here in Maldives)…..the simple truth is …that these sermons are a part of propaganda by the ‘ministry of truth’…examples…”thibaa aa nubehey kanthakaa nubehey sheve”(dont bother what doesn't matter to you),”verinnah kiyaman vaasheve” (thou shalt obey thy rulers),”meehunge vaahaka nudhakkaasheve”(don't talk about others)....and may more..

a recent example...

"The President said that the preoccupation with the acquisition of money and power makes us focus on things that we lack and that this is one reason why we see so few people who are truly happy. True happiness comes through remembering Allah and empathizing with the fellow human beings and being content with what we have.[read more]

and there are even much good ones......and
here is one damn good post i recommend you to read about the affect of these effective are they?

O.k! I've strayed a back to the topic...why the hell is he reading the sermon from a paper now?any idea? he demented as they say?don't know,cant say for sure...but it can be true. :)