Belated Greetings 2007.

  • Wednesday, January 03, 2007
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i know its already too late,but i just wanted to do this.Happy New Year 2007,Eid Mubarik,and happy birthday ( any one whoz birthday is near...and to monchi) .im not feelin well these days.New years night; i was in Bangalore and was on M.G road (shopping) till about 2200hrs and then...aaagh! i was sick!i had a bad fever,pain in body,roagaa,and i was i felt like sleeping.i slept in 2006 and wokeup on 2007 (about 0007 hrs i guess)..i looked out of the window...and oh!, there goes the fireworks and people were shouting from i am. still coughing.i couldnt sleep tonight. now its almost 5 and im still awake (from 0230hrs i guess).ive tried some 'lunboa kalhu', to clean up my throat..:( .found no honey to make mom's special home remedy for clearing throat....and here i found some nice ones including something similar to mom's special fomulae....and oh...that night i recieved new years SMS but cudnt reply...i wrote one loong SMS after recieving an SMS from a friend....and here it is...errr...its NOT a 'lhen'...its not fine,its just a rhyme,which i made in no time,so please dont mind,just read it with a smile!


Aa aharu feshigen mi anna iru,
Baa ve maazy v dhuvasthah iburatheh kamugai vany.

Aa azum thakakaa eky adhu feshunu aharaa ekee,
maa ujaalaa musthaqbaleh edhi edhiye hiy vany.

Lavvavavadhey ya ilahy barakaathu miaharu gai nikan,
lavva vaandhey alhuge ekuveriya haa ufaa verikan mathy.

Maanaeh hama eh nethas nikamethi alhaa liyefaa mivaa,
vaanekan gaimey milhemugai loabi adhi gina heyo duaa.

Maa rangalhu haalegga nuviyas rey ekeh gai alhuge nafs,
haadhahaa beynun viyey liye mi SMS fonu vumah.

Neh kamun credit mifoanuga ai hiyaaley maa molhy,
emmenah fennaanehen liye blogugai shaaiu kuran migothah milhen.

Den milhen kurukohlamun adhi effaharu thiya emmenah,
lhen bahun fonuvaa mily new year's greetings thakey.