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  • Saturday, February 03, 2007
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Haveeru is the best media outlet in Maldives?Yes,many people are now saying this .. i have heard many people saying that,including the opposition MDP's propaganda websites.even the most hardcore MDP activists agree that, to some extent Haveeru is now an independent news paper,who's reports,news and views are unbiased.See how minivannews described haveeru here...

"Haveeru is the leading daily in the Maldives, and the only paper that carries comprehensive world news, classifieds, listings and advertisements. It dominates the press due to its wide range of coverage in both Dhivehi and English.

The newspaper maintains close ties to the government, through its owner Mohamed Zahir Hussein, a former sports minister who has studied with President Gayoom. Hussein has begun to take a back seat on the editorial policy at the paper, which has previously been doggedly loyal to the regime. The paper recently revamped its website and is beginning to dip its feet timidly into the hot water of more balanced press coverage.[read more]."

But i cant agree....Haveeru cannot be 'sometimes biased' and 'sometimes unbiased'
in reporting and presenting the news,it has to be on either side...there is no standing in the middle! ....there's a lot of coloring in haveeru reports...and it does not allow viewers to comment freely (on its online version).which is now in beta...and i say;the whole company is in a state of 'beethaa' for the last few years....that is from the time they got out from the lines of miadhu and aafathis (which are not popular and publishes only the news approved from the president's office ).Now in this beethaa state, i have encountered a lot of problems in commenting on its online edition.

One day i wanted to comment and 'Oh my God!' there is no 'comment on this article' link in this very special news.Yes,it was a news article about gayom...well i was not going to write anything like 'golhaabo isthiufaa' or any base or unethical comment.i was trying to comment on what i thought about the article,but it seems he is far above that...he is in a position where the citizens cannot even comment about him...well atleast for this haveeru beethaa, he is god-like and resting in sidhurathul munthahaa!.

And there is another problem ..something more technical.That is ; i cant comment using xp fonts...i mean most of the time it doesnt even work with firefox and i have to open ie if i want to comment.well thats another problem...guess nattu will fix it soon as he have said.

but the incident which made me write this post is that, today i had another problem with the beethaa.that is ; when i published a comment on one of the articles it appeared sometime later....but not in my name...not the way i published it! Many comments that i have made have been denied in the past also...but this time...they denied it and published a more 'acceptable' version which they made-up.hmm....but i dont remember using any coarse language.i used the modern,ikhlaastheri,abui dhivehi (with a lot of arabic influence and gayomic words).so wtf is with them this time.??

ok now lets not worry...here is the solution...we have an alternaive...the internet is very democratic...and our voices can be heard now...we dont need the damned beethaas!

This time i was trying to comment on this article...It was about a case where some 7 men were accuse of gang rape, regarding an incident in G.A. Maamendhoo island in year 2005.But only one of them were convicted and he also got a very light punishmednt...that is thauzeeru
with 91 lashes together with banishment (most probably he will send a letter to the authorities and have his banishment changed to an island where he can feel more like home or maybe to his own island where he will be living happily with hsi family!) for 2 years.It seems that there was 'not enough' evidence against the others.any way...my comment was not about the court's judgement...it was about haveeru news .I said in my comment that; by naming the rape victim,Haveeru daily has done a great harm to the victim and also to her family.i said it is an act which is against the ethics of journalism.i said that during this time when the country is moving forward in imporving the media..it is very important to take notice of this and the likes of it...

so that was the unpublished comment....and i have even more now.i have seen that haveeru and most of the other outlets using the gayomic term 'badhu akhulaaqee' to describe any illegal sexual activity or any sexual crime.now atleast they use the term 'rape'....but i remember an article about karnal nasheedh of MDP...who was accused of child abuse..he was just accused , but haveeru went on to disclose even the most minor details of this alleged act in one of its news reports.now that is what i call a politically motivated reporting.but after that many times i have heard of 'badhu akhulaaqee'....and it is good that this time they have given the names of the convicts ....but the name of the victim?her adress?no...i dont think it is good...

but you know...this beethaa haveeru didnt give her age!!! they got her name and adress for the public....which is not necessary and i believe is something they must hide.but they couldnt get the age of the victim who was snatched and taken in to the woods and gang raped!So thats it...haveeru is really in a state of Beethaa!!!errr...can the victim file a lawsuit against haveeru
and seek compensation ,under the new 'aburaabehumuge gaanoonu' (the law of defamation in maldives)???

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