he is not the president, remember?

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2007
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Gayom and his senior supporters all carried pistols when Gayyoom took his first oath as President on 11th of November 1978 and gayom himself have later admitted for this crime( mabodey vaan vegen karaa felhumuge thereygai). see this article in dhivehi (PDF)


On 3rd June 2005 political parties was allowed in maldives and Gayom was the second to make a political party and became its founder and zaeemu.

Article 33 of the Maldives consitution says: "The President shall be the Head of State, Head of Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Police of the Maldives"

Party Rules from the Home Ministry says on 5, alifu, and 5, vaavu, Police and NSS people cannot become a member of any political party.

So how can Gayoom, who is head of both Police and NSS (according to the Constitution), form a political party and be its zaeemu?(oh...and how can MDP talk to a ghairu gaanoonee party like DRP?...that's what they are.any way,any how..they want...'something')


The famous loan scam?The government granted 125.64 million Rufiyaa from Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) account number 2060 under special concessions of the President of the Republic over the last few years.Once MDP and others fought against it, but now where is that?

HE BROKE THE LAW! but we forgot again.

and also 2005 budget controversy have almost been forgotten.
these are only a few things.just to remind us,bcoz we always keep on forgetting.we must instead keep on fighting with these fact on our side.

so, now i announce that...he is not our president according to
Article 47(1)-(c) of The Constitution of Maldives.

(note that this is not the only reason he is not our president.there are many other reasons.this is enough for a small post like this)

Maldivian Constitution Article 47(1) says:

"The President may be removed from office where any of the following matters has been allegedagainst him and has been dealt with in accordance with subclauses (2)(a) and (2)(b) of this Article and the People’s Majlis having deliberated on the report submitted pursuant to subclause (2)(d) of this Article by the Committee of Investigation on its findings, resolves by a two-thirds majority that sufficient evidence exists to accept the allegations against the President and hence the President be removed from office.

(a) The President becomes disqualified under
the provisions of the Constitution for the office of
(b) The President becomes permanently
incapacitated to discharge the functions of his office
by reason of mental or physical infirmity.
(c) Intentional violation of the Constitution.
(d) Commission of an offence for which a hadd
is prescribed in Islam."

But is it possible to remove him within the boundaries of the constitution?

Article 47 (2)(a) says that a motion to remove the President from office
may be considered in the People’s Majlis only IF 1/3 of the members WRITE to the Speaker alleging any of the matters mentioned,specifying the reasons thereof....and IF the Majlis resolves by a two-thirds majority to consider such motion.

also,Article 47 (2)(b) says that the allegation must be investigated by a Committee of Investigation comprising 5 persons:2 of whom shall
be nominated by the Parliament , 2 appointed by the President himself and 1 person acceptable to both the People’s Majlis and the President. And this committee must submit its report on the matter within 30 days.

nice huh?

So, i don't believe that it is possible to remove this guy withing the boundaries of constitution (without amendments,as it is now).u see...he wouldn't even let the MPs discuss the voting age issue in the parliament now.becoz the parliament is in his hands.So lets just keep this guy ... and just ignore him.hehe..what to do dho.errr...or u want to do it the Ghairu gaanoonee way?!!!