Maldives Bodugulha Hits Chart.

  • Tuesday, April 24, 2007
  • 12
There are certain songs that becomes so popular in maldives...where ever you go, you here it.many of them eurodance style,which i believe become popular through the tourism industry.and the old TVM also have something to do with it.for what ever the reason they became popular..they have been popular all over Maldives.and most have been one hit wonder songs(throughout the world).and sorry that this time its only from evering'e bai.these are mostly celebration or hithaanee season songs.

but i couldnt find many of em.what i found ive put it here (thanx to radioblogclub).i couldnt find; for example what sounds like "ney nanannaaa"...well thats what we used to call it as sure u all will know that one!the one which some one (haifa?) sang a dhivehi song 'mee raaje ey' at the inter school singing competition(i remember her as wearing a black thashibari dress..hehe).and there are many other such songs...which i couldnt find.

so,i hope u enjoy these songs.u must have heard it some time.lets see what memories comes to you?...heard it at some island?,hithaanee season?eedhu? zaeemu wins election eedhu?a party(no dammit!, not a political party..the old ones..the good ones)?a disco?what ever it sure makes me feel...i dunno.strange.

PS.i will need your help to improve this chart.any additions or subtraction,or division or multiplication...or any other criticism is welcome.unless it is about copyright,becoz it was on radio blog.ask them about the copyrights,muhahaha.

Los Del Rio - Macarena

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Dr.Alban - Its My Life.

Mr.President - Coco Jumbo.

Snow - Informer

REDNEX - Cotton Eye Joe.

Khaled - Didi

Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hot Stepper.

La Bouche - Be My Lover

Las Ketchup - Aserejé (The Ketchup Song).

All 4 One - I Swear.

Ace Of Base - All That She Wants.