they exist and is a threat to our nation,what have we done?

  • Thursday, May 31, 2007
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Maldives is undergoing democratic changes (sweeping reforms?hehe) they say.but the society is undergoing declinations of various forms among which is religious extremism.It have been there for a long time,but after the tsunami there was an epidemic outbreak of is not about a group of people,it is about a large sector of the Maldivian society.and it sure is not only about burugaa,beard and the jokes MDP propaganda machines create (like the one which said that madharusathul aaliyaa is a fundamentalist 'madrasa').

Now i can see that the media have finally taken a step forward,now they are writing about this part of our society which have been long ignored.I am glad that our information minister also have talked on this and is willing to take the issue from mvblogosphere to the mainstream media.And the Foreign Minister Dr.Ahmed Shaheed have also said that the fact that some Maldivian students abroad are taking up training in the camps of militia groups is a matter of concern.But is it really a matter of concern? really,really?!...i doubt. because foreign minister's remarks came only after an article about this appeared on which quoted Attorney General Hassan Saeed as saying; "Obviously it is the biggest threat to this country".This article have interviews from extremists and the journalists' visit to an 'illegal' mosque in Male' (which is called dotukom, just opposite to masjidhul zikuraa-bappaafulhu miskiy,majeedheemagu).It is sad that a foreign journalist wrote these stuff while Maldivian journalists are busy covering the never ending series of MDP muzaaharaa and government crackdowns.

Meanwhile haveeru daily have reported on 2 nd June2007 that 11 people were arrested in Male' for trying to conduct a 'unofficial' Friday prayers at a small mosque near Galolhu Football stadium (Masjidul Sultan Adil) . And there were some clashes between the police and the fundamentalists in which a police was attacked by a pavement brick and it is reported that due to this attack the police guy had a crack on his skull.And there were also arguments and confrontations between the fundamentalists and other civilians gathered at that area.3 of the 11 people arrested were below 18 years of age.

All these news are not actually 'news',they are 'old' stories. these have happened several times,this have been going on for a long time.Seperate Congregations,Concluding all Maldivians (except themselves) to be infidels-who have to be beheaded,police arresting minors for religion related 'crimes' and torture them,shaving beards with chili sauce,child abuse in the name of islamic marriage,wife beating,going to Pakistan for jihad...etc.How ever the first time maldivian media recognized that these people exist and reported about them was (i think) about the 'illegal' mosque in Himendhoo island.

For a long time these people have been ignored by the society,the government and also the media.Most people never cared about them, called them wahhaabees or haabees and made fun of (arguing with them is some kinda entertainmenty for most people) some of them who are always very much eager to preach their 'message'.And the the government would every once in a while randomly arrest all 'bearded'men and 'face veiled' women and sometimes torture them.The government found a useful enemy in them.Every now and then gayom would be preaching "some very few people among us do this and that in the name of islam...this is not like this. this is like that...dont worry i am here to protect and guide you"...but now we know this is more serious. more than what we thought.

And there is a ray of hope now. at least the government have now agreed that there are threats, that there are Jihadis trained at Pakistani training camps (especially Lashkar-e-Taiba camps) in Maldives.Foreign minister,Information Minister and the Attorney General have admitted...but is it enough?the government knew about Ali Jaleel and his gang... but they were left to do what every they wanted... they are still free...there are active 'narrow minded, terror minded' groups in Maldives...even other than the Ali Jaleel group... they have connections to global terror groups in the Middle East and Europe.and they are growing day by day....young maldivians are converting in large groups... and what we did so far is professing a known fact?