muneerukee ganduvaru ge vokkolhu and bed time

  • Thursday, June 07, 2007
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"muneerukee ganduvaruge vokkolhu alikurevvi fadhain alhuge hiy alikuravvaa faandheyve".how many of you know this thing?I learned this from my mom, i had to recite that aloud after her voice...she would be saying it after the shahadhai.There is another version of this thingy, which says 'hithaai loa' instead of just hiy.

It can be translated as "(O lord!Illumine my heart [and my eyes-(in the other version)] as you have illuminated the lamp of muneeru kee palace"

the last part...muneeru kee might mean in urdu muneer' it can be said as lamp of muneer's palace...if that is the case...muneeru might be a place or a person.the word muneeru..i think has its roots in the arabic word noor..which means light.muneer means..brilliant or shining. so it is all to do with a light...a bright light...which have it's source in a lamp...some kinda holy lamp (because it is vohkolhu)...

as a kid when my mom dictates that and when i myself recite it after her voice...i used to think of a bright golden light, a palace which is illuminated with a golden light... and it have some thingy hung somewhere in the middle of it ... and this light comes from it...and spreads to the whole palace, illuminating it...and then through a small window comes out and these needle-rays strike my chest (heart).....when the light touches me i can feel it.thats how it was to me, back then.thats what i felt about this thing.

actually , it is some kinda prayer to illuminate our hearts (and for some, the eyes too).illuminate might have two meanings here:1. to become bright (characterized by quickness and ease in learning)
it is about the light of truth (in this case islam) entering in to our hearts.
A hadith says that every time a muslim gives in to temptation or sins...a black dot covers his heart and finally after days without repentance the whole heart is covered with this...and then it is sealed and no light (of guidance) would enter it after that..this is referred to in the Quran 83:14. and there is also a similar prayer which prophet Mohamed recited at dawn:

"O God , illuminate my heart with light, and my eyes with light and my ears with light and let there be light on my right and light on my left. Let there be light above me and light below me, let there be light in front of me and light behind me. O God, make me a light"(Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 8 p. 221-2)

yet,i dont know what this thing really is.i dont know the origin of this utterance.but i do know that many people says it..and still many dictate it to their children at bed time.and i dont think there is anything wrong with that...though some might make takfir of (consider to be an infidel who have to be behaded) those who do this because they think it is bid'ah, while others may condemn it saying it is part of Arab colonialists' propaganda to take over Maldives and their rumaafalhi. heheh

and oh! this muneerukee thing reminds me of the good ol bed times.i would have to brush my teeth,wash face...and most importantly wash my feet (the command line for sending us kids to bed includes washing feet...bas ahaigen dhefai dhovegen sahaadhai kiyaigen nidhan oshoavey.)...and i would go to sleep after reciting the shahadhai (with this muneerukee ganduvaru part) and after i used to blow three times on my chest... now,im ready to sleep...but if i talk to any one or say anything at all after this....i would have to start everything over again....from shahaadhai. :S

if we are a group of kids....we would cover ourselves with the blanket or pillow and talk secretly (telling stories sometimes)..imagining ourselves to be in some kinda tent.

usually i would be sent to sleep when the damn CNN starts (that would be break time of the hindi movie they send every thursday night on TVM) i have to do some thing....i make up the other half...usually i would be in that half...hehe..most probably some superhero guy.and the rest i would see sometimes in my dreams....but what if i didnt watch one half of a movies?...still there is another way.My cousin bro, jiz taught me that...he said he do act as if putting some tape in to a VCR before going to sleep...then he would take the (imaginary) remote control and press play button....and lie back and relax..and start dreaming up the movie...and the rest would come (in dreams) sometimes.....i also tried this many times.

and..drinking water before going to bet and......errrr...cuticura powder?.. aaaghh! there are too many fragments of childhood memories tagged 'bed time' before this post become the longest post ive ever made..ill stop here..

btw...have u every tried any of these things as a kid? your mom dictate you shahaadhai?and most importantly ,was muneerukee ganduvaru ge vokkolhu known to you before?