THE terror attack.

  • Sunday, September 30, 2007
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I guess you all must have heard of yesterday's terror attack .well, i was going to rant on this and first i googled for 'maldives terrorism'...and then google asked me, "did you mean; maldives tourism?".

There were thousands of results but what is commonly associated with maldives is tourism, not ever yesterday's news was covered by hundreds of news outlets around the globe.This struck me so much.It have been sometime since we started to talk about terror minded narrow minded groups of saudi and pakistan educated (some even trained at Islamic military camps) growing in maldives.But we just talked, we didnt do any thing. now they have stricken. is this the beginning?no, this cant be, but we've got work to do.Leave the political fights aside and lets concentrate on this serious issue at hand.we should be united, not divided by this.

[a Nokia 1100,a dimmer,brown paper,dry cells and concrete nails were used in this home made bomb.]
source:Aafathis News

[a CCTV image of the moment it exploded.source: BBCnews]

Yesterday's attack injured 12 tourists (2 Japanese,2 British, 8 Chinese),and- i believe- it was an attack on tourists, by whom else? the houri seeking jihadi bastards.i know there is an investigation going on (who am i to make judgments now?).But who else would attack the golden egg laying goose? This is indeed an attack on the Maldivian economy,Maldivian peace,The Paradise Image (err..this have been distorted by the politicians too).This was like attacking the Maldivian people (all dhivehin), attacking the Maldives.And interestingly yesterday was 17th of Ramadan for Maldives, which was the day of Badr (it is believed that on this day of battle against non-muslim arabs,the Islamic army lead by the prophet himself was victorious and even got help from angels sent from heaven).

now lets see who these people call em haabees or wahhabis.But i call em terrorists.but remember; not all bearded poeple or haabees would do this kinda things.Although i dont like em all in general...special attention have to be given to the Jihadi extremist factions.This Jihadi mentality was among most of the islamists in Maldives until saudi arabia started reforming the wahabi doctrines (well...even they were under gotta mild things down).The neo salafi movement came to maldives too and saved a lot of Maldivians from becoming terrorists.and there were 'moderate' (well..not that moderate but certainly not suicide bombers) islamists , many of whom belong to the Adalat party today.these people also chose the non-violent way for some reason.And now going back to the topic of jihadi extremism... almost all of these people believe in Jihad and wants to see a day mulims will be united under one leader and ruling the world.But the people who go in to action are only the Jihadis , most of whom are Takfiris (meanin they would consider most of maldivian muslims as kaafaru or infidels), which makes me think that, they wouldn't hesitate to attack a place full of Maldivians (most likely a disco party, a restaurant or something).

And about the leaders and hubs of these people;Late Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim of Babul avaalee house (who was a wahhabi missionary assigned to Maldives by the Saudi government,was even paid during the first years) was one .his followers are mostly old people now,he also gained many followers from the prisons ( he spent most of his life in prison and house arrest).And then later on another leader came; the infamous Sheikh Fareed, who gained popularity from almost extremist groups until he joined MDP. and then there is one barstard who is linked to foriegn/global terror groups ; Ali Jaleel of H.Moscow ge (he is a pakistan trained terrorist, and ameer for maldives of a Global jihadi group).I have previously blogged about him and his gang here.i would also like to introduce you to the red bearded Sayyid Ahmed (commonly known as seedhibe').This guy is not a sheikh but he seems to gather more people around him than a sheikh.His house in front of zikuraa mosque(majeedhee magu) in Male' became the hub of jihadis starting from the year 2001 and still is a place for gathering, making prayer congregations and preaching for these people.The house is commonly known as 'dotcom'.There were splits within this dotcom gang and later on many of them became followers of ali jaleel.Seedhee have his wife and children in H.DhKulhudhuffushi, to whom he doesnt give any attention to and are living in extreme poverty despite the fact he owns a land in Male' (He have sold/is trying to sell the place to some one,and might be spending these money for developing his terror network).You would see him around Male' carrying a bag, selling stuff like toys,torchlights or similar imported goods, but next time check his bag, he will have extremist books (books even the islamic council of Maldives wouldnt pass) which he sometimes sell sometimes gives for free.

[seedhibey follwoing sheikh fareed on the aug. 2004 march around Male'.source:maldivesculture]

I have been away from Maldives for sometime and do not know of the latest developments withing these factions, but one thing i know for sure is they are growing,and becoming more organised.they have sent people to islands with leaflets,audio and video tapes calling for a global Jihad against 'infidel opression'.I saw these video clips last week on Raajjetv, which were taken from propaganda tapes of binladen and other jihadi groups and dubbed in dhivehi.some were slightly edited and other created including pictures of buildings made from foreign aid and even a picture of Gayom shaking hands with US ex-prez Clinton on his tsunami trip to maldives.Many of these video's were calling for Jihad,and they even mocked Gayom's sheikhs,Adalat Sheikhs and other Salafi sheikhs for not joining them.They seem to have formed an official Jihadi group.

Check out some of these videos from here.

The bottom line is , i am not sure and should not be sure about the people behind this attack, only the police investigation will prove it.some are pointing their fingers at yamin and gangs, other as at MDP and gangs.but i think it is most likely an 'Islamic' terrorist attack.And even if it is not, we should be careful about these people.and who ever might be behind this attack,they are our enemies.They attacked Maldives.arseholes!I condemn this attack as an attack on all Maldivians.

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