MSDP and Computerized Palmistry.

  • Wednesday, September 26, 2007
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The Nizaamee Campaign was very much different from any other campaign.There were so many 'reasons', why we should choose a Parliamentary/Presidential system (from, just opposing Gayom's choice to supporting the movie stars' choice) presented throughout the campaign period.

On one of those days i was walking by the MSDP (Maldives Social Democratic Party) office, and noticed a banner, on which was written: 'Raajje beynun vanee furihama riyaasee nizaameh' or 'What Maldives need is a perfect presidential system'.

and that wasn't it...i was suprised to see what was on the wall opposing that office (Nooru miskiy's wall) was written in big, yellow letters.....

'mi qaumah beynunvanee computarun ai balaa meeheh' or 'What this country needs is a person who practice computerized palmistry'.lol.

This was a reference to the MSDP leader Reeko Ibrahim Manik (elder brother of the 'superstar', MDP member, Reeko Moosa).It is said that this guy have been in to palmistry since a long time ago. and from the last time he returned Maldives after years of 'boathu dhathuru kurun' (working as a seaman)... he started practicing Computerised Palmistry.I dont know whether he does it now (after becoming a political leader),but i do know people who have gone to him and believes that he actually is a good and professional palmist.

[Reeko Ibrahim Manik speaking at the first MSDP meeting.]
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