The Blessed Court Reforms.

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2007
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i just read this article on haveeru , about dress code inside the courts.Apparently wearing a head gear inside a court is not allowed and the judge made a guy remove a 'cone' he was wearing.As i was reading i discovered it is a bad thing to wear collarless T-shirts when entering the court.And whats more... even 'fen faivaan' , the most common type of sandals (pic4) is also inappropriate. wearing shorts (i guess even 3/4 jeans) and the writer even mentioned sarongs (especially the type tourists wear...the ordinary squared and lined ones are better, i guess) and sunglasses .

did i mention the face veil? it is now completely banned from the courts.the human rights commission of Maldives described this ban as "a human rights violation".The commission member ahmed abdul kareem said ... "if there is need to check their identity, female staff can do so; but face veiling should not be banned completely".

"No haibathu - fibre- (is seen from people, because of the way they are dressed).These people enter the court (being dressed) in which ever manner they wish might be wearing a thaakihaa (muslim head cap) another might be wearing fenfaivaan (ordinary sandal.see pic 4). Letting these people enter a court (like this) is totally unacceptable". said the ex justice minister mohamed jameel.

[five of the uncourtly evils - face veil, 3/4 jeans, thaakihaa, fenfaivaan and collarless T-shirt.]

With 'the sweeping reforms' making our lives 'better'; from last year onwards the judges and magistrates at courts have to be in suits. and now it is time for the people who enter the court to follow similar rules.... i just found the rules regarding the dress code, released by the ministry of justice here. People should follow these rules in their dress code (if not they would be banned from the court) :

1. It must be a dress that does not hide the persons identity (eg: by covering face)

2. must not wear revealing clothes,short Shorts, collarless T-Shirts,tracksuits, clothes with inappropriate texts on them.

3.Must not wear; any clothing that typify unislamic expressions, or any of such ornaments on any part of the body.

4.Any dress that is banned inside the court by and order of the court.

5.under point 2 , exceptions are made for people who have to wear a uniform ordained by the government.


good lord. we need more of these reforms for a bright future.

I think the rules are still way too relaxed.i mean, the exceptions for people government uniforms, not specifically mentioning ;boiler suit, girls' dress with bandhu,or nor sepcific rules regarding undergarments...these and many other problems are still there.So, i suggesr a better way to do this! a court uniform.Here are some suggestions for more reform:

1.every one must make ablution before entering the court. court is a place for protecting the shariah - which is holy, and people should therefore show some respect and haibathu there.

2.Every one should be wearing the court uniform (or the court gown).
here is a sample of what a court gown could look like (with collar of course,and preferably with an additional waist bandhu.) :

3. to make things easy for the beloved people of Maldives, we can keep a changing room at the entrance of the courts with an ablution area, and toilets.

4.Anyone who disobeys these rules shall be punished.

May our courts be reformed and let us be dealt equally without any discrimination on the basis of clothing.Ramen!

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