Hoadhama Hoadhaa.

  • Thursday, November 08, 2007
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Good news for Ismail Wajeeh fans -like me- all over the world.The legendary Mollywood star might not be in Maldives (hez in singapore,trying to get his kids a good education.. good man!), but he is with us again.Yes, he is on facebook and he do have a fanclub there (with members reaching 500 now!) . At this fanclub you can ask him questions and he is having fun with all of his fans.Therriz a great collection of pictures and now even videos are coming. So.. dont forget to join "Ismail Wajeeh FANS" on face book.

Now im gonna share this awsome video uploaded to the facebook group by one of his fans. Hoadhama Hoadhaa...the world famous Ismail Wajeeh song.If you can imitate his moves in this song perfectly....then you have the potential to act in any hollywood action movie.This is the best song ever! .... enjjoyyy!