Maldivian Classical Zuvaabu.

  • Sunday, February 03, 2008
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Here is what she is saying (how i heard it):

"manjey..hO!farukolhuga ey e' aee. govaigen edhiyaee farukolhuga.ho ho ho ho ho hoh.govaigen edhiyaee atholhuverin. hooooh! aan.Dhen ovey.....dhen ovey, farukolhuga egendhiyaee..faru kolhugai edhiyaee govaigen; annaanee atholhuverin govaigen. aaagh! hoooh!"

Though this is not a very civilized thing to do it indeed is/was a part of Maldivian culture, i should say. this is what a classic zuvaabu would look like. i just wanted to share this old (not so kool) custom of zuvaabu is uncommon nowadays. Parents would not send children to these zuvaabu scenes as it is usually an 18+ form of arguing, challenging and expressing anger, hatred,
jealousy..or simply just mockery and angering the opponent. people say... that they even go to the extent when they would lift the kandiki (skirt) and hit on their private part and ..point at the opponent and say challengingly ; "mine is fairer than yours!"... as for guys they would also do same kinda thing by lifting their mundu (sarong) and hanging it on their head sometimes. It was earlier done in the form of raivaru poetry, which lead to the death of it as an art form...because it was used in this rise to a vulgar, abusive form of raivaru.

how uncivilized this may seem, it is far better than box cutter/sword attacks and home made bombs. maybe we could teach this to the whole world, so that it can replace war. then maldives could be the superpower maybe. ehehe. but ive seen similar zuvaabu in India though not this advanced. and here is an interesting zuvaabu from Muhammaa kalo's 'Bunyey bunyey'. i dont find him funny at all but i kinda liked that one; based on a real story from his island (ihavandhoo).

PS. the video was originally uploaded to facebook by Nattu ,who says he got it from millzero.