buddha shaped giant flowerpot confiscated and destroyed.

  • Wednesday, May 02, 2007
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Jazeera Daily have reported that a Buddha shaped giant flower pot imported by Four Seasons Resorts Maldives (yeah,the same guys who were in the limelight for Buddhas and topless dancers at a Birthday celebration ) have been confiscated by the Maldives Customs Service.The flower pot which was imported to Maldives on 13th of this month have been confiscated after the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs gave a verdict confirming that it is indeed an idol, the newspaper reported, citing a senior customs official.Jazeera reported that this 2 feet flower pot was made of a cement like material.

"Even if it was a flower pot
it looked like an idol(used for worhip),so we queried the Council (the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs).They decreed that it must be treated as an idol.And that is why we refused to release it from the customs service."Jazeera quoted the official as saying.According to Jazeeraa,the official also confirmed that the pot will be demolished in the same manner they demolish all other confiscated objects, and the people who imported it have also been notified about this.Further more, Jazeeraa reported that after the newspaper published some pictures of this pot,The Ministry of Tourism have said that they will attend to this matter very soon.

[a picture of the flowerpot published on jazeera daily.]