Naifaru Dhohokko Collection.

  • Wednesday, May 16, 2007
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Here are some songs (43 songs! 58 songs!) from the famous Maldivian singer and musician, Naifaru Dhohokko. Dhohokko be' was nominated as the singer of the century (on 2000, by Adduvas Weekly). He was,and still is the favorite singer for thousands of Maldivians, especially among the older generations.We can see this by the fact that in TV programs like 'Alhuganduge Hovun' and Radio programs 'Dhathuthuverinnaai eku' almost all of the programs there would be a request for a song from Dhohokko be'. Most of the time they will say "Any song by Dhohokko be' will be o.k for me!".His songs were mostly romantic and love poetry.They were known for the good poetry and his own,unique style of performing.Even if his music were copied from hindi songs; he made it all (as he have said) 'dhohokkobized'.He had a certain standard of performing, for example; he would refuse to perform, if he is not happy with the percussion section.There are very few people who are fit to be in his 'band'.And about poetry, he was very concerned about maintaining the standard of his lyrics.They all had a touch of (not just a touch...a whole lot of em!) Urdu language.

Even today he is a favorite for many Maldivians; young and old ,though some youngsters find his music humorous,disgusting,not-music,not amilla raagu,out dated,not understandable....etc!

whatever. here are the songs.In the memory of Dhohokko be' and his songs that entertained thousands of Maldivians.May his soul rest peacefully.Amen!

PS. Any one who have more of his songs,any more information about him,videos....etc please let me know.



  1. Gandhi Gandhi.mp3

  2. Ihusaas Dhirey.mp3

  3. Libeytho Dhua.mp3

  4. Ahannah loabi.mp3

  5. Kuri Piyaar.mp3

  6. Iraadhagai.mp3

  7. Nuveyhey maaf.mp3

  8. Thedhey Ishq.mp3

  9. Gos Dhuru.mp3

  10. Dhiruvaali Rey.mp3

  11. Dhen Pyar Mi Aniya.mp3

  12. Dhaaimee Emathiveri.mp3

  13. Kaareegai Ulhefa.mp3

  14. Dhurah Dhaanveethoa.mp3

  15. Gulheemahey Edhey.mp3

  16. Endhi Alifaanuga.mp3

  17. Barubaadh.mp3

  18. Hiyaalu Aakuruvy.mp3

  19. Dhilli Hithuga.mp3

  20. Vichaalu Yaaru.mp3

  21. Emme Rangalhey.mp3

  22. Bahaaree Frimalekey.mp3

  23. Dheythoa Dheythoa.mp3

  24. Malehfarive.mp3

  25. Veemey.mp3

  26. Thedhey Yaaru.mp3

  27. Dhaan Nuvaaneythoa.mp3

  28. Dheynanthoa Eloabi.mp3

  29. Mithiru Yaaru.mp3

  30. Ekuveethoa Malaa.mp3

  31. Vumunney Ekugaa.mp3

  32. Aniyaage Sumaareh.mp3

  33. Edheynama loabi vaanvea.mp3

  34. E' dhathi dhathi veynun.mp3

  35. Funhaa loabi dheynuthoa ey.mp3

  36. Hithuge jazubaathaa gulhaalan.mp3

  37. Ishqu ithubaaru loabi.mp3

  38. Malaa thiya maluge.mp3

  39. Shaadhee gaanaa.mp3

  40. Vaane kesseh laobeegai.mp3

  41. Yaadhu kuri.mp3

  42. Yaadhu roohee asaru.mp3

  43. Belumaaveerey.mp3

  44. Hastheegethereah.mp3

  45. Hithun filuveykasheh dhennethey.mp3

  46. Jaazbee Asarugadha.mp3

  47. Lilee of the valley.mp3

  48. Loabeegaa haasil.mp3

  49. Mithurunge hiy mulhin.mp3

  50. Nindhavaashey.mp3

  51. Adhaa dhiriulhun.mp3

  52. Asaru thaqdheerugaa.mp3

  53. Haadhahaa ibratheh.mp3

  54. Kurikanthakaa.mp3

  55. Leerangu.mp3

  56. Muniyaage photo.mp3

  57. Theduunumi.mp3

  58. Vaaney kesseh (fast).mp3