• Friday, October 12, 2007
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Eid mubaarik to all of you.old is gold they say, and old maldivian comedies are good, much better than the crap they give us now (except for shaazu,yousay and few others hehe).of all oldies ... Fuloak the international was my favourite, and dhiriulhumakee and ofcourse the oldest of the three i guess; Bakhabaru.They (the bakhabaru guys) were like the maldivian three stooges, i heard that there was a radio comedy show by these guys by name ' hinifulhu vaduvaalavvamaa' ... anywayz..this time it is bakhabaru. i'll be posting all the bakhabarus ive got.first episode coming a min or two.hope you'll enjoy my eedhu hadhiyaa.


PS. it is not in very good condition. :S